“When it comes to knowledge, creativity, and expertise in children's publishing, no one tops Liza Charlesworth. Her ability to envision a project then collaborate seamlessly with others to plan, organize, and deliver an amazing finished product is unparalleled.”
—Mary Beth Spann


The Lefty's Edge

Welcome to Lefty's, the best little book packager in the business! What's a book packager? It's a company that enables busy publishers to outsource projects in order to save time and cut costs. At Lefty's, we handle every step of the bookmaking process including concept development, budgeting, writing, editing, proofing, design, and branding to ensure a successful finished product. We'll do the heavy lifting for you, delivering pristine files that are printer-ready. What's our edge? We bring a tool kit of specialized skills to each and every project including:

  • Experience: With 20+ years in the publishing field, we know how to create high-quality products that meet the exacting standards of both editors and book buyers.
  • Innovation: Our deep knowledge of the fast-changing publishing industry enables Lefty's to develop books that truly stand out in a crowd.
  • Writing Skill: Lefty's works with many talented authors, versed in a range of styles including fiction, nonfiction, how-to, humor, verse, and more. An obsession with details insures that our books are well researched and error free.
  • Design Sense: Lefty's is connected to the best illustrators, photo editors, and designers in the country. We put a premium on "eye-appeal" to make sure that our books not only read well, but look gorgeous, too.
  • Tenacity: Lefty's can-do attitude enables us to meet tight budgets, nail tough deadlines, and always "make it work."
  • Exuberance: We love what we do! That's the x-factor and that's why there are more than five million copies of Lefty's books in print. To see examples of our work, portfolio.

About Liza Charlesworth

Liza Charlesworth at her desk

Greetings from a left-handed bookmaker! I currently split my time between Scholastic, where I'm an executive editor, and Lefty's, the company I founded in 1998. During my long career, which has included seven years as an editorial director, I've honed my craft and become an expert at acquiring, creating, and marketing books. In fact, I've written and/or overseen the development of more than 500 titles for children, parents, and teachers on topics ranging from frogs to funny fairy tales.

I'm proud to report that many of my titles have been top sellers for both Scholastic's educational trade and book club divisions. In addition, I'm honored to have won a number of prestigious prizes including twelve Ed Press Awards and four Teacher's Choice Awards. Over the years, I’ve been a featured speaker at several writing conferences as well as the esteemed NYU Publishing Institute. I live in New York City with my husband and twin sons, who provide daily inspiration.